Dex Giese

Hi! I’m Dex Giese, a mixed media stop motion animator studying in Vancouver, BC. This year I’ll be graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a degree in 2D + Experimental Animation, and am currently working on my grad film Hot Stuff  - a tooth-themed musical comedy using puppets!

Stop Motion ++

  1. The Variety Show

Hand Puppets ++

  1. Hot Stuff (WIP)
  2. EFPN

Set Design ++
  1. Hot Stuff
  2. Set Design 2022

Experimental Mixed Media ++
  1. The Variety Show
  2. Big Box of Rats 2023
  3. Big Box of Rats 2022
  4. Experimental Animation 2022

Illustration/Painting ++
  1. AMZY Album Art
  2. AP Art Portfolio
  3. Sketchbook 2023
  4. Sketchbook 2022

Throughout the years:

2023 ++
  1. The Variety Show
  2. Big Box of Rats 2023
  3. Hot Stuff
  4. Sketchbook 2023

2022 ++
  1. EFPN
  2. Experimental Animation
  3. Big Box of Rats 2022
  4. Digital Sketchbook
  5. Set Design

2021 ++
  1. AMZY Album Art

2020 ++
  1. Wishbone
  2. AP Art Portfolio

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The Variety Show
| Third Year Film | Emily Carr University | Mixed Media Stop Motion | 2023 |

This film comes together as a montage of clips that form a trailer for a theoretical show, each clip is executed in the style of the “episode”. On their own, each shot serves as a title card for their respective episode, but when the shots are strung together they form a short story. This film project serves as a proof of concept for a theoretical future larger scale project, and plays with telling underlying stories through contextual cues.

Music: Matt Stephenson
Ink on Acetate: Cameron Kletke

I shot all of my animation on top of different digital backdrops that I had created for each individual scene. 

My characters were 3D printed, I modeled the cowboys and horses using an online 3D modeling software (Womp3D). I embeded magnets into the sides of the horses, to allow me to connect them to the metal rig I was using.