Dex Giese

Hi! I’m Dex Giese, a mixed media stop motion animator studying in Vancouver, BC. This year I’ll be graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a degree in 2D + Experimental Animation, and am currently working on my grad film Hot Stuff  - a tooth-themed musical comedy using puppets!

Stop Motion ++

  1. The Variety Show

Hand Puppets ++

  1. Hot Stuff (WIP)
  2. EFPN

Set Design ++
  1. Hot Stuff
  2. Set Design 2022

Experimental Mixed Media ++
  1. The Variety Show
  2. Big Box of Rats 2023
  3. Big Box of Rats 2022
  4. Experimental Animation 2022

Illustration/Painting ++
  1. AMZY Album Art
  2. AP Art Portfolio
  3. Sketchbook 2023
  4. Sketchbook 2022

Throughout the years:

2023 ++
  1. The Variety Show
  2. Big Box of Rats 2023
  3. Hot Stuff
  4. Sketchbook 2023

2022 ++
  1. EFPN
  2. Experimental Animation
  3. Big Box of Rats 2022
  4. Digital Sketchbook
  5. Set Design

2021 ++
  1. AMZY Album Art

2020 ++
  1. Wishbone
  2. AP Art Portfolio

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Big Box of Rats
24 Hour Animation Challenge ‘23

| Team Challenge | Emily Carr University | Experimental Mixed Media | 2023 |

This year our team consisted of Andy Gomez, Claire Arts, Rafa Rodrigues, Nicole Kershaw, and me. We were given 24 hours to make a 30 second film following a specific theme. 

In 24 HOURS make a 30 second film showing us the potential of animated film making as a thank you to our incredible artform.

Compositing: Dex Giese + Andy Gomez
Music: Claire Arts
Rotoscoping: Claire Arts + Nicole Kershaw
Stop Motion: Dex Giese
Additional Textures: Andy Gomez, Claire Arts, Rafa Rodrigues, Dex Giese

This was the work completed  within the 24 hour challenge time frame.
In reflection, we definitely ran out of time when compositing and we had numerous textures that didn’t make it into the final render. We battled OneDrive sync times, failed exports, and After Effects crashes, but in the end we had a ton of fun and I’m very happy with the overall experience.


Along with the 24 hour animation challenge, there is a prize awarded to the team who created the best 30-60 second behind the scenes video. They gave us an additional 48 hours to complete this video.  This video truly highlights the fun we had making this film.

Directed by Nicole Kershaw
Editing: Nicole Kershaw + Dex Giese
Additional Animation: Dex Giese, Rafa Rodrigues,  Andy Gomez
Compositing: Dex Giese

Featured Song:  The Bad Touch - Bloodhound Gang  

After  the 24 Hours, I recompositited the clips we had to mimic the original vision I had without time constraints.