hot stuff: week four

on the table for this week:
puppet blocking 
24 hour animation challenge prep
material research


i started off with a bunch of puppet patterns from, he has some free ones and some paid ones - i’m gonna start off with just the free ones and see if i can expand from there.

the first draft of marina came from this snoof pattern, it’s meant for a fabric with fur so it just looked extra weird. i think it would be interesting to use this pattern for maybe secondary characters, but for the main puppet i don’t think the snoof will work.

i also want to start with the dentists, because their scale is determined by the live hand + marina needs to be proportionate to them.

i need to get some thinner foam, the foam i have is waaayy too thick for the hollow head puppets that i want to make. i have 1 inch foam, needs to be 1/2 inch foam.


since they’re live hand puppets, i’m testing out diferent mechanisms for piloting the puppet from underneath. i think most likely i’ll have a foam/fabric head, some fake shoulders attatched to sleeves, and then 2 people can reach up through the holes and pilot the puppet.

to start out with the dentists clothes, i’m probably just going to take a white dress shirt and go from there.


Fuchsia Solid Gorilla Animal Long Pile Fabric / Sold By The Yard/Ecoshag®

$19.99/yd, 4 inch pile, medium color range

Fuchsia Solid Shaggy Long Pile Fabric / Sold By The Yard/EcoShag®

$23.50/yd, 2 inch pile, larger color range

snoof puppet requires 1/2 yd fabric - for marina i think i should get 2-3 yd of fabric, for pam and sonia i’ll need probably closer to 3-6 yd fabric (if theyre the same color). 3 yards of fabric should be good for each of the puppets that i need.