hot stuff: week two

on the table for this week:
- creative flow assignment
- flow + self management assignment
- camera room setup (1/2)

Creative Processes and Flow

  1. Planning heavily plays a role in my creative process, it’s almost more fun than the production part because everything is still theoretical. I spend a long time planning out my work and thinking on ideas before I ever create them.
  2. I think that it really helps me with my production because at that point I already know everything that I’m making and there’s not a lot of unanswered questions.
  3. I think so! Sometimes I hit dry spurts where there’s a lack of ideas but since I’ve planned so many productions just in my notes I can usually bounce off of one of those if I absolutely need to?
  4. The main thing that subverts my creative flow process is it gets derailed very easily. I usually am bouncing between a million different things and it’s somewhat difficult to stay thinking about one thing.
  5. Being around people creating art reminds me why I enjoy creating art. Sometimes it feels a little tedious to actually sit down and draw for just myself, but I have found that when I sit and just let my mind rest on some bullshit art for a minute and then I’m able to get back into it. Also watching animation is always a good inspiration source, it makes me motivated and be like “oh I could do that”

Flow + Self Management

  1. I feel very comfortable breaking down a production into weeks and smaller chunks, but I often go too hard on the gas for too long and get burnt out + then fall further behind on my production than if I just took consistent breaks.
  2. I think since my parents are both freelance creatives the self-management + creative flow are like. fused together mentally.
  3. I kinda already talked about it but just knowing what a good time to take breaks is? Because sometimes I’ll be super excited to do something + work super hard on it and then realize After that I should’ve taken a break days ago.
  4. This year I’ve scheduled weekly days where I can just do things that are not related to my film, and also have broken down my daily tasks by difficulty so I’m not overloading myself with like a week of just awful labor.

They’re still setting up the camera room to be able to be used, so we had to hold off on setting up workstations until Chris and Gil have given us the green light to go ahead and start working.  In the meantime, here are some sketches for props + set elements.