hot stuff: week one

on the table for this week:

- animatic
- pitch presentation
- revise script
- setup camera room workspace


Medium: Live Action Puppets
Length: 3-5 Minutes

After experiencing a traumatic dental injury, Marina has to fight tooth and nail to defend her newfound identity and sense of self.


marina, a energetic and fun-loving little girl slips and falls on the playground, knocking out her front four teeth. she’s quickly carted off to the hospital, where her heartbroken mother and sister wait to reveal her hideous fate. unexpectedly, she LOVES her new look! she promptly rips off her hospital gown, a disco ball drops from the ceiling, and she dances circles around the dentists trying to fix her teeth - not letting anyone bring down her exuberant positivity.


in terms of a production schedule, i use notion to organize myself! it took me about four hours to make this giant ghant chart but in the long run it’ll be super helpful for organizing my thoughts and being able to continuously add to the list and have it sort it into the weeks of the semester for me.



some of the main things that i fleshed out here were the inspirations and references to really nail in that it’s going to be live action puppets. i know that thats something that has been hard for people to grasp immediately, but i think it worked out well overall!

also the (almost) fully sketched animatic told the plot in a fun way :) honestly not gonna lie once these drawings are legible enoguh and it’s timed properly i’m most likely not going to touch the animatic again, just because its more of a placeholder so i can figure out shots and can send something for my sound composer to work off of.